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Doc Overrated?

Charlie Rosen from Fox takes turns ripping Doc, Tracy McGrady, his fellow media, and just about anyone he can think of. Sounds like someone needs a hug.

In the article he lays out very nicely the reasons why you can't take sports writers' (or even bloggers') opinions as Gospel. Then he proceeds to shove his opinions down our throats.

The one thing that worries me is the following:

When Orlando plummeted to the bottom of the league last season, there were rumblings about a talent shortage on the roster and T-Mac's defeatist attitude. But much of the blame could be traced to Rivers' simplistic strategies. Several of the Magic players further confided that Rivers was extremely self-defensive — he was a WE-won-but-THEY-lost type of coach. The in-house word out of Orlando was that Rivers also spoke to his players with a forked tongue.

Much of this could be this man's conjecture, but I have heard rumblings that Doc lost his players respect last year. A coach can get a rep just like a player. One would hope that the C's players would give him the benefit of the doubt, but we'll see if he can get off on the right foot. Especially since he's following a very popular coach (at least with the few players that remain from last year's team).

Maybe Doc is overrated. We won't know till he proves himself. Still, I tend to believe that he's not quite the train-wreck that this guy makes him out to be.

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