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Lets Get Fired Up!

Well, the results have been overwhelming! Ok, so its not surprising that regular readers of a Celtics blog would be optimistic about the season. But most message boards have been just the opposite in the past, and now they are much more positive. I don't think I can put my finger on it exactly, but there's a good feeling coming out of Celtic Nation.

For fun here are 10 quick potential reasons for the optimism:

1. The draft - hands down, this is the most excited we've been over a draft since Paul dropped in our laps

2. Reports about Ricky - more and more I'm hearing about this guy is a monomaniac on a mission - and I like what I hear

3. It is the offseason, so everyone starts out tied and all the gimps are "in the best shape they've been in for a long time" - see Raef and Googs.

4. Paul is rested

5. Our head coach and president of bball operations are on the same page (O'Brien wasn't even in the same libray as Danny)

6. If Gary shows, we have a legit top 10 point guard, for the first time since, ...wait, I'm thinking... umm. Moving on.

7. Even the players are excited for the season, and showing up for work early!

8. We have only 1 albatross contract on the books.

9. There's real talent on this team. It creates a "imagine if they gel" kind of buzz.

10. And finally, the biggest reason of all to be excited about this season...! (I know, I'm shameless)

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