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No Last Minute Moves

No wonder Danny claims he's done making roster changes. I'm sure he's trying to figure out the Gary situation and seeing how the rest of his trades work out, but you can't discount the fact that there's really not much left out there on the free agent market available at a reasonable price. So he'll see what training camp has to offer and probably go into the season as the team is currently constituted. We are also set up for some major potential moves at the trade deadline where, theoretically, we could catch some teams desperate for cap space and ready to sell low on a good vet who makes a few dollars too many. Remember, cap space is key, but its worth nothing if you don't have good players and make a real run at Championship. Just ask Clipper fans.

Update: Here is an article on Ainge in the Portland Tribune.

Also, here is an article on Gary by Josh Ozersky on

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