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Then Again... never know. For instance, there is this rumor coming off a fanhome message board by Eric Pincus who posted the first Gary Payton trade on Hoopsworld 2 days prior to it becoming official.

Walton, George for Banks, Yogi

For the record, it looks like he posted the Payton trade news on Aug. 4. The first time I saw the rumor was here on August 2nd, which I posted here on Aug. 3rd on CelticsBlog. So I still got the scoop! (Bill Simmons would be proud) Then again, I GUESS we can give them credit for being the first "major" site to get the news. Either way, thanks for the updates Eric. Keep up the good work and let us know of any updates you hear.

Now I thought I heard rumors similar to this around the time the Banks deal got recinded. So this could be a re-hash of some old bogus rumor. Or perhaps the deal was done back then, but contingent upon Gary showing up (like the rumor says). We'll just have to wait and see.

Update: Here is Eric's story. Thanks for the link man. Nice job on the article.

In other news, I know you were all eager to hear Peter May's take on the Gary Payton deal. Here's a hint, Payton is one notch below Ricky Davis in his book.

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