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10 Things To Enjoy This Year

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Stepping outside of the parquet for a moment, I thought I'd share 10 things that I will enjoy about this upcoming year in the NBA. (hey, if other people can make brash, uninformed, highly opinionated generalizations about the Celtics, I have the right to do it to the rest of the league)

10. Watching copy-cats attempt to bottle what the Pistons were drinking last year, and look silly doing so.

9. The inevitable Ron Artest meltdown. As well as the inevitable Pacers losing their toughness and identity when he's traded. It should be interesting to see which happens first. We'll see just how good Bird is.

8. The reopening of Antoine Walker's floodgate of shots. Maybe we'll even get to see "the wiggle" again! I was always a fan of his, and now he can't kibosh our offense anymore. Everyone wins. (except maybe Atlanta)

7. Kobe without Shaq. All the glory, all the blame. Enjoy.

6. Shaq without Kobe. I've always enjoyed the big, prima-donna lug, and now he's not a Laker. Ok, so he'll always be a Laker, but he's still fun. (with or without MJ)

5. The annual Wizards collapse. I really think they have a shot at being pretty good this year. I also thought that last year, and the year before...

4. The Charlotte Bobcats: It's like minor league basketball. One of those guys just has to make a name for himself. But who?

3. The Spurs actually doing what the Pistons did, only with the best player in the game. Yikes.

2. Yao and Wow (McGrady). Even if it doesn't work, what a great concept.

1. New Jersey's return to the Lottery. Nuff said.

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