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Brooklyn Wants Banks?

NY Post claims that Marcus Banks is one of the options that the Nets are considering as a replacement for Kidd. From what I understand, Kidd could be out till Christmas anyway, so they need a point guard regardless.

But the Nets, given Kidd's health and possible lingering unhappiness over offseason developments, are checking out alternative point guards, including the already auditioned Travis Best and Boston's second-year greyhound Marcus Banks.

I'll also speculate that if Kidd ever wears a Nets uniform again, it will be simply to showcase him for a team that wants some assurances of his health before making a trade.

Update: Just for clarification; I don't think that this rumor involves Kidd coming to Boston. Banks is a potential solution for the void left by Kidd's injury and/or trade. The Nets do have draft picks to waive around (Martin deal).

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