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Don't Hate The Playa

...but you can hate his game if you like. I'm just not there yet myself. I know there are questions about Marcus Banks that have yet to be answered. Can he handle the point? Can he reduce his turnovers? Can he shoot? We just don't know yet. I don't think it would hurt to hang onto the guy for a while to find out.

As far as the rumors of his departure, I can say that I believe the Nets rumor is pure speculation. Or at best the Nets think that he's available since he was already traded once. As Danny pointed out, the deal did involve a future Hall of Famer and I don't think we'll be looking to bring in Jason Kidd anytime soon.

The Walton rumor at least involves a Hall of Famer's son. Plus, the kid can play and had more court awareness at age 15 than Kedrick Brown ever will. However, I'm still skeptical of giving away a point guard when decent points are always hard to find and we really don't know how long the Gary Payton era will last.

I'd say that Banks is one of Danny's famous "tradable assets," but that doesn't mean that he's being actively shopped around the league. If the right offer comes, he's gone. Otherwise, I hope he can answer some of those questions about his game in a Celtics uniform.

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