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Fox Is Done

L.A. Daily News:

"NBA training camps open in 11 days, and Fox is not expected to report to the Celtics. Fox had said last season that he didn't want to play for another team than the Lakers and speculation after the trade had him accepting a contract buyout and retiring. "

I'm still wondering if he will be bought out entirely or if his contract will remain on the books long enough to package him in a trade. I don't think the Celtics are in a position where they have to cut salary, but I suppose its a nice option to have.

In other news, you can chat with Wal-tah on today. I honestly don't know what I'd have to say to him, but give him a shout from all of us here. I still love Wal-tah. Maybe he'll send me a free CD and I can pimp it to the world.

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