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LaFrentz On Schedule

From the Globe:

The upside: He says he's even willing to go through two-a-days. The downside: More than nine months since the operation, he's still feeling pain. "Once the season starts, I'll be able to have a better idea of where I am and how much I can do," LaFrentz said. "But I'm going through a lot now on the court, making moves, making cuts, playing with the guys. Once I get through training camp and the preseason, I should be comfortable again." That certainly is the hope of the Celtics. A healthy Raef manning the power forward position is a key to the season. But is Raef really healthy? "The biggest question," LaFrentz acknowledges, "is how is the knee is going to respond to regular-season games and practices?" Rivers said he likes what he sees from LaFrentz so far and has no plans to take it easy on the big guy in training camp. "He wants to be treated like everyone else, and that's what I plan to do," Rivers said

But Fox is not...

While LaFrentz and Hill may be on the mend, the same apparently is not the case for our old/new friend, Rick Fox. The Celtics have been maintaining since the day they acquired him in the Gary Payton deal that Fox was unlikely to play this season because of injuries. Fox corroborated that through his publicist Friday. "His body is not responding," said Staci Wolfe. "He has been diligently rehabbing all summer, but he still hasn't recovered. He still is bothered by his foot injury and by a bulging disk in his neck." Fox is on the books for around $5 million this season, which might make retirement a tough decision. Something should be known within a week or two, but Ainge is not expecting Fox to walk through that door anytime soon

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