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Who Are You People?

Given that so many Boston fans are wrapped up in the Red Sox and Patriots, I am very happy to see so many fellow Celtic diehards reading this site. You guys let me rant and ramble on about the greatest franchise in the greatest game known to man. Its a certifiable addiction for me and you guys (and gals) are my therapy. "Hi, my name is Jeff, and I'm a Celtaholic."

Today I just thought I'd turn the tables on you guys a little bit. I confess, I've been spying on you. Not really, but through browser stats I can tell how many people look at my site and some very general demographics like what time zone you are in and what server hosts your internet connection. From that I've gleaned a few tid bits of info that I thought I'd share.

Don't let it be said that you guys aren't smart. We've got people logging in from Harvard and MIT.

Much respect to the troops, representing (at least) the Navy and Army.

The majority of you are East coasters (shocking), but you are also logging in from Alaska, all accross Europe, and even the far East.

15% of you are fighting Big Brother and are STILL using Netscape.

Most of you have caught on to the web site URL, but I'm pretty sure there is one guy out there that keeps typing "Celtics Rant" or "Celtics Blog" into a search engine. Lets reach out and teach this guy about bookmarks and the old "dot com" phenomenon. (I kid 'cause I care)

I'm sure guys post all over the net on various message boards, and I like that. I don't want to create an exclusive message board just for this site because I like that you guys pull information from all around and share it with us here.

Oh yeah, and you are also some of the most basketball savvy fans in the world. Based on your comments I can tell that you guys know your stuff and you can smell a hack from a mile away. So of course I take it as a huge compliment that you come back to this site.

All I can say is thanks to all of you. We are all a little bit crazy and I'm glad to share some of my obsession with you folks. Now lets get camp started! Go C's!

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