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Peter May's article:

"'There's a little more normalcy,' Ainge told reporters yesterday over lunch at the team's practice facility in Waltham. 'Last year, there was unbelievable dysfunction, even more than I imagined. This year, management, ownership, and the coaches are all on the same page. It's very good now. Very functional.'"

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but the whole Payton situation sure would seem to add a surreal quality to camp. I think Danny is trying to put the best spin he can on the situation.

Both May and Mark Murphy of the Herald bring up an incident from last year where Ricky blew off a team meeting/curfew to go on a charter cruise with some friends. Apparently John Carroll was not amused.

May goes on to give updates on Payton (don't know yet), Rick Fox (looks like a buyout), the roster (no invitees to camp), Raef (pain but ok), and Davis (will he "get it"?). Its worth a read, especially for the Doc and Danny quotes. May's distaste for Ricky is palpable, but Danny and Doc both acknowledge that the guy needs to have the right kind of attitude to be effective.

In another article Murphy goes over mostly the same stuff May did, but tells us that Raef is limping noticeably.

Looks like camp is officially ready to start. The press is back! Thanks for updates boys.

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