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Link Overload

The media is back and trying to make up for lost time. That's ok guys (and gal), we forgive you. It appears that Steve Bulpett is gunning for the title of "hardest working man in Celtics-biz" with an unprecedented 4 articles today. Well done. In no particular order, here is the list.

Ainge design set to measure - P. May / Boston Globe

Celts president Auerbach is a huge fan of Iverson - M. Narducci / Philadelphia Inquirer

No reason for a pall over Pierce - B. Ryan / Boston Globe

O'Brien brings 76ers to town for opener - S. Springer / Boston Globe

Young Celts begin learning process tonight - S. Bulpett / Boston Herald

High fives all around the hardwood - S. Bulpett / Boston Herald

The Fleet 16 - S. Bulpett / Boston Herald

League's offseason drama sets stage for cliffhanger - S. Bulpett / Boston Herald

Coaches collide: Rivers, O'Brien part of show - S. Bulpett / Boston Herald

Celts won't lack for effort - C. Thornton / Providence Journal

...and one more: Can the C's Bounce Back? - G. Ruais / Hoopsworld

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