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Get Well Soon Mrs. Payton

"Gary Payton was back in Los Angeles with his wife, who has taken ill"

Class move on the C's part to let Gary go back and take care of his wife. I'm not sure what is wrong with her, but even if it's just a head cold, I'm glad that Gary can be with her.

In other news, ex-NBA point guard and Rookie of the Year Ernie DiGregorio had some very encouraging words about Marcus Banks.

"I guarantee you that kid could be an All-Star," said Ernie D., who sees the Celtics often and is part of the Foxwoods shooting promotion at home games. "That's how much talent I think that kid's got."

And in more other news (yeah, I need to work on my transistions), Peter May even had some nice things to say about Raef LaFrentz, ...sort of.

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