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Trap Game

You can't take any team in the NBA lightly. Still, after we beat the sacrificial lamb expansion team we'll be 3-2 and we can look forward to...

See how easy that is? See how you can put lip service to take a team seriously and then look through them like Casper. Except that every once in a while, Casper pulls the rug out from under you and you wind up on your butt looking pretty silly.

Hopefully that won't happen. Hopefully they'll get up by 20 (as usual) and then go up another 20. But don't bank on it. Prezec seems to be a find, Okafor is already solid, and umm, ...Gerald Wallace sure can dunk.

I'll be looking for the kids to play some big minutes and get up and down the court. On the other hand, there isn't a huge need to rest the vets, since its a few days before we play the Wiz. Next week is a real test, when we face the 2005 Champion San Antonio Spurs. (see, there I go again, looking ahead)

Update: If you are interested in the Charlotte perspective, here ya go. It includes a classic McHale quote on Danny:

Minnesota vice president Kevin McHale, once a Celtics teammate, described Ainge's approach in Sports Illustrated: "I told him to be patient. He says OK. Then he goes out and makes 65 trades before he takes a shower."

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