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Banks' Shot - This Banks providing top interest:

I read that headline and I assumed it meant "...from other clubs," but it doesn't. Just Peter May giving the young PG his due after a couple of decent games. Rivers is giving him props too, saying "I just wanted him to play our way. I never disliked him."

Delonte West is eligible to come off the disabled list, but they may give him more time to heal properly given the way Marcus has played recently.

In other news, stories about Al Jefferson are only going to snowball from this point, and sometimes the quotes are surprising. For instance:

"When you say pick-and-roll and he looks at you because he doesn't know what roll is, then you worry that he can play in an NBA game," Rivers said recently about Jefferson.

Read that last sentence again. Wow. Luckily, he goes on...

"Yet, the kid has a knack. You see it. When he's around the basket, it seems like the ball ends up in his hands. And he's a great leaper. Not great as far as height, but he gets up and down the quickest I've seen. He might be the quickest leaper we have in this league."

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