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Useless Misleading Stats

C's rise to #20 in the Power Rankings, but not without a backhanded compliment:

"This is probably one of those first-month quirks, but Celts have one of the league's stingiest defenses so far, at 86.6 ppg allowed. Agreed . . . chances are it won't last."

We blew out the Knicks and held the expansion Cats to 74, so yeah, its a bit misleading.

SI Power Rankings have us at a rosier #16:

Like AI, Paul Pierce used some late-shot heroics to steal a game (vs. the Blazers on Wednesday) and set up a three-game win streak. During that span, the Cs have outrebounded foes by a combined 127-110.

If you ask me, this is the more misleading stat. We only outrebounded the Blazers by 1 and the Cats by 2. One blowout win vs. the Knicks skewed this stat exponentially.

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