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Expanding Jefferson's Role

Perhaps it might not be the best time to give the rookie more rope to hang himself with since the best player in the game is coming to play and happens to play the same position as him. However, it is encouraging to hear that the kid is earning his way into more playing time. He even had at least two plays called for him on the low post in the last game. Something that we haven't seen in these parts in a long time (minus a few between drinks games by Vin). Here's the link (thanks teaguelife). Here's the extended quote:

Obscured by the frustration of Wednesday night's loss was another efficient, promising performance by rookie Al Jefferson, who crammed four points and two boards into a six-minute cameo appearance.

Rivers admitted yesterday that he is now entertaining ways to expand the young power forward's role.

``I thought I was going to do it (against the Wizards), but I didn't want him guarding (Antawn) Jamison,'' Rivers said. ``But the way things stand, Al is our second-best rebounder.

``Right now he can play older than he is, but at other times he can also show his age. But we're going to ask him to be a lot older than he actually is a lot this year. Al's got a great confidence, but it's quiet. I don't worry about his maturity as much as I would with (Kendrick Perkins [news]') in that situation.''

Said Paul Pierce [news]: ``It's a matter of progress. We have to understand that he's straight out of high school. Doc is bringing him along slowly. It will eventually happen for him.''

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