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Non Sequitur Rants

Cleaning out the mostly-sports-related junk in my head:

The Ron Artest annual meltdown occured a little early this year. Yep, I called that one. And is anyone really surprised that Stephen Jackson was involved as well? Didn't think so.

Mrs. Jeff (my lovely wife) had this to say about Paul's performance in the clutch against the Wizards: "I thought he was very selfish and needs to learn to share the ball with his teammates." Don't think I could have said it any better.

If Josh Boone makes it to the NBA, he'll challenge Tyrone Lue for "Looks most like a girl." I'm just sayin...

Is everyone finally done talking about the TO/Desperate Housewives skit? Probably, since the brawl in Motown should keep the Pharisees-like talk show hosts busy for a while.

I sometimes enjoy the baseball winter meetings and hot stove action more than the regular season games. And I don't think I'm alone.

Speaking of which: sounds like the Sox are offering Pedro a contract with many incentive clauses based on performance. Great idea. More contracts should be like this - especially in the NBA. Especially when they are tied to team goals.

Guess who we saw at the MCI Center last Wednesday: 7'7" "Jorge Grande" (George Muresan) himself. Sitting down he's taller than most standing up. Mrs. Jeff got almost as many shots of him as she did the game.

Early projections on the NBA draft have Jarrett Jack being available in the 20's. Liked what I saw of him last year. I hope either Banks or West becomes all-world at the point and I definitly want Payton to stick around another couple years, but if all else fails, there are good PGs in the draft coming up.

The next NBA collective bargaining agreement should be interesting. Hopefully there won't be a work stoppage. One thing I'd love to see is the NBDL turned into a legit farm system for the NBA.

We better not lose to the Pacers bench on Tuesday. If we do, I'm throwing the 20-game rule right out the window.

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