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Spurs Game Log

Just random thoughts during the game:

- Paul on fire early. Not much help from everyone else. The Spurs were cold and we didn't really take advantage. Just waiting for the Spurs to gain momentum, but we are doing a great job keeping them at bay.

- Al Jefferson first off the bench tonight. Shows how much I know. This is why Doc is the coach and I'm the blogger. Instead of putting Al on Duncan, he waited for Tony Massenburg to come in, and put Al in immediately to match up with him, leaving Blount to take Tim. Nice move.

- Nice job by Tony Allen getting to the rim, but he's gonna have to find a way to finish too. 3 missed layups. And as I write this, he just got a dunk off a rebound. (something he's trying at least once a game) Works for me.

- Mark Blount apparently channeled MJ for a play as he split two defenders for an up and under scoop shot. Whouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself.

- Tim and company are starting to heat up. Here it comes...

- ...nope, C's still playing solid. Good!

- Starters are in, and playing solid, but I can't help but eagerly wait for Al Jefferson to come back in. Always does something positive. So fun watching this kid learn on the job. He does so much naturally, the rest will come.

- Right on cue, here comes Al. Doc said he'd get him minutes, and he's been true to his word.

Halftime Thoughts:

- Carter/Rose to the Blazers? No idea what that franchise is doing from one week to the next.

- Mavs sporting alternate unis. They aren't even throwbacks. Uuuuuugly. Jazz on the other hand, have slick looking new unis. It's about time. They've had bad unis since, ...well, ever. Thankfully the Rockets have upgraded too. Last of the eyesores has to be the Pacers. I'm just not feelin the yellow pinstripes.

Back to the game:

- No matter what you throw at Tim, he just gets it done. Ping pong balls. Silly little ping pong balls. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

- Thankfully Paul slipped to us and Al is looking like a hidden gem in the draft. Still doesn't make up for Duncan, but its getting there.

- Ginobili and Parker have been quiet tonight (so far). Lucky for us.

- Even when he misses, Tommy and company sing Al's praises, for good reason.

- Coaching staff better save a tape of this game. This is a good one so far.

- Two post scores by Al Jefferson and I'm giddy as a schoolgirl ...then an airball and a missed defensive assignment reminds me to be patient.

- Of course I would jinx the team like that - so much for being consistent. A lull lets the Spurs right back in the game. Not a good thing. Also, Manu just hit a 3. Also not a good thing if he gets going.

- Still a good idea to save the game tape of this game. "See, this is how you play a great team well (quarters's 1 through 3). This is how a great team hangs around long enough to throttle you when you let your guard down." It's all a learning process.

Short Recap:

Good to see Al Jefferson getting more minutes, and doing positive things with those minutes. Two of his buckets were in the last two mintues of garbage time, but its nice to see him get his career high - soon to be topped I believe. This team desperately needs to find a way to keep up the intensisty for a full 48 minutes. Or at least figure out a way to hang around and rachet it up in the 4th like the Spurs did tonight. Great teams win games even when they have bad nights, and that's what happened tonight.

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