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Super Sonics In Town

Sonics are playing out of their minds, winning 9 straight. Recently they beat O'Brien's Sixers at his own game, shooting more 3's (39) than 2's (38). Hopefully the shots won't be falling, but the C's haven't been too hot on defending the perimiter these days. For more info on tonight's opponent, check out

P.S. I just saw the Raps do what we should have done, beat the Spurs by playing clutch, fearless ball in the 4th quarter. All without Vince Carter who apparently was benched after scoring just 4 in 3 quarters. Can you say Ewing Theory? That guy is gone.

My quick game thoughts:

Ricky didn't get benched for this game. I firmly believe that, and I bet tomorrow's comments will reflect that. Even Ricky will likely be ok with it, because winning cures all. I bet Doc just wanted to get Jiri going and if he's worth his salary, he must have pulled Ricky aside and explained just that. The coach-speak saying is that it doesn't matter who starts, it matters who finishes. Well, tonight they both were in the game at the end together. That should speak volumes to everyone involved. Besides, Seattle is an odd matchup team, and Doc wasn't afraid to be odd right back. There was one time when I saw a lineup of Gary, Marcus, Paul, Ricky, and Jiri. Hey, why not?

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