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Pacers Lite - Less Filling - NBA - Box Score


What more is there really to say? I taped this game and checked the score before watching it. That was a mistake. I just sat there in dread waiting for something bad to happen. I didn't have to wait too long. The second unit lost the early lead we had and the first unit never got it back.

Paul Pierce got outplayed by James Jones in the first half. James Jones. Jamal Tinsely owned Gay Payton. Outside of Davis, our bench was a major disappointment.

My wife just asked me, "What's wrong with them? Why don't they ever win?" I had no answer. It doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I just wear green colored glasses. Maybe I can't see the forest for the trees. Gary, Ricky, and Paul are all playing reasonably well, and we still lose. Raef is healthy and contributing and we still lose. The bench has actually played very well for stretches, and we still lose. I can't explain it.

As for tonight: They played inspired, we played expired. Nuff said.

I'm really trying to not throw the 20-game rule out the window. It is still early, but how many mulligans can we give them? Here's what I'll say. Regardless of what we make of this team after 20, 40, or 82 games, we won't be able to breath easy in any game against any opponent for a long while.

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