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Question to Readers

When I see 50 comment posts on one topic, I am first of all thrilled that you guys are talking, but I also feel bad that you have to squint to see all that's being written in that little green box. Do you guys want a full message board attached to this site or do you like it fine the way it is?

What else can I do that might make this a better place for all?

Update: People seem split right down the middle on this issue. Many of you would like to see a message board for specific longer topics, while a number of you don't want one because you like the dynamic of the little green box. I'm pretty sure I've already overthought this a ton, but I'm grateful for your input.

Here's what I've decided. We will try out the forum that I've created on a trial basis. The focus of it will be to provide an area to have longer discussions on specific topics (like trade ideas, tracking Al Jefferson, etc.). I don't think this will take away from the little green box or my posting on daily topics on the front page. In fact, one big reason I like it is because it gives you options. If you don't want to use it, don't. I will also admit that part of the reason I did it was simply because I could. I have fun tinkering and creating stuff like this for this site (don't call me Pitino please!). Anyway, I'll set it up and unveil it soon. Hope you like it.