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Praising Davis

Never thought I'd see the day when Peter May would praise Ricky Davis. He still seems shocked by Ricky's play and good attitude, and I think he's still waiting for an "incident" to jump all over. Still, it is nice to see a silver lining in this sad streak of games.

Other gleaming slivers tracing the edges of this dark cloud include:

1. Al Jefferson - still showing poise beyond his years, still soaking it all in like a sponge.

2. Tony Allen - starting to see some minutes based on his D and attacking the basket. Seriously, is there anything Kedrick Brown did in 3 years that this guy can't do better?

3. Delonte West - nice opening act. He is a point guard, no question. If he gives us that off the bench on a consistent basis, call it a bonus. And I think he can do even more. Could he be the long term solution we've been looking for?

Anyone see a trend here? Its too early to write this season off, but I'll pose the question. If last year was the year of the roster overhaul, will this year be the year of developing the young talent?

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