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Getting Better

No, it really isn't all that bad. That was just the fan in me coming out. If I think logically about last night's game, I can see many bright spots. Delonte took no time becoming one of my favorites. Allen is getting minutes that he absolutely deserves. Al is coming around, still learning, still brimming with potential. We even had a Kendrick sighting. Surely he was in there to match beef with Shaq, but that was just not a fair matchup. And in general, there's no real shame in losing to the Heat.

Danny is getting everything he wanted last year but never got. The kids are playing, for better or worse. More often than not, its for better, and that should pay off down the line. Don't know if that means later this year, or into next year, but it will come.

We've got 5 ultra-young players in West, Banks, Allen, Jefferson, and Perkins. Throw in Welsch and you've got 6 chances to strike it rich. I gotta believe that at least 2 of them pan out to something special for us.

As for the "adults" on the team: Pierce spread the ball around, Raef continued to play outstanding, Davis can still fill it up, and Blount, ...well, moving on.

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