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End Of An Era

This blog was inspired by many things, but one of the places that I got many of my ideas (not to mention several of our readers) was the chat room. Now (as of tomorrow) that room is switching format to become a message board. The problem with that is that many people went there because they preferred the chat room format, and this left them with no place to go.

So I did a little research and found an easy solution. I've installed a chat room on Several of the regulars have already "migrated over" to the new room, and you are all welcome to join them. Many people (including myself) won't be able to access the chat due to work firewalls, and for that I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do about that. You are always welcome on the message boards.

I hope you enjoy the new format. Now, to raise a toast to the old room, click on the cans one last time, which will bring you to the new room. Enjoy your ranting.

Update: If you are getting a red "x" in the top left portion of the chat box, you may simply need to install Java. See instructions here. However, if you are blocked by a firewall, you still won't be able to connect to the chat.

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