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3 Items of Note

Bulpett once again does a good job of getting us the stories that we care about:

1. Ainge is open to trading Gary (ok, that is obvious, but still):

"Though director of basketball operations Danny Ainge is certainly open to suggestion, he does believe he has to get something for the veteran point guard before he can walk as a free agent next summer."

2. Doc is so unhappy with Marcus' play, that he's fine using Davis at the point:

``I thought Marcus struggled in the first half, and if you're going to struggle in the first half I've got to go in another direction,'' said Rivers. ``And I had to go with Ricky tonight. Is that where I want to go? No. But, you know, if I'm going to tell Al (Jefferson) that he has to earn minutes - if I'm going to tell Kendrick (Perkins) that he has to earn minutes - then I've got to tell Marcus he has to earn minutes, as well.''

3. Convinced he doesn't have enough "smalls," Doc gets Justin Reed off the IR and shelves Googs with an "ankle" injury.

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