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Is Pierce Boston's new Bird? - NBA - Is Pierce Boston's new Bird?:

"So, is it righteous to even mention Bird and Pierce in the same sentence? Would PP be as transcendent as Larry Legend if he was surrounded with teammates like Kevin McHale, Robert Parrish, Dennis Johnson, et al? In other words, is Pierce sans rings only because he's the right player with the wrong team? "

It's not a bad read, but if you like, I'll save you the time: No, he's not Bird, but he's not bad either. Frankly, I'm growing weary of analyzing Pierce. He is who he is and he'll either lead this team to greater hieghts, or he'll be traded. All that's left is to see how he plays.

I'd like to pay a little more attention to players like Raef Lafrentz, Tony Allen, Ricky Davis, and even Kendrick Perkins. If we are lucky this team will turn into a great team and not a group of backup singers with one diva.

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