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Allen vs. Wade - Celtics: Rivers sold on Allen:

Tony Allen will get a big assignment tonight: D'ing up Dwayne Wade:

" ``Al (Jefferson) is getting all of the attention right now, but Tony is the one who is in there at the end of games for us right now,'' Rivers said. ``He'll be important tonight. He did a nice job on Wade the last time.'' "

As soon as he learns his weak side defense, I can see Tony getting big minutes if only for his defense. If we are playing an opponent that won't let us go small-ball on them, we might even sub in Allen on D for someone like Davis or even Pierce.

We seem to have turned the corner on scoring, and that is great. However, I tend to think we have to turn the corner in terms of defense for us to start winning regularly. Allen is one guy that gives me hope.

I'll go one step further and say that the future of this team still looks pretty bright when you consider that Allen, West, and Banks are all known for their D. I think Jefferson and Perkins will be able to use their size defensively and on the boards. These are the little things that will translate to wins if these kids can ever put it all together.

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