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Putting It To Bed, No Walker Talks

Thank you (once again) Steve Bulpett!

Normally I would quote the most important part of the column and put my own spin on the news, but that is really not necessary this time. I couldn't add anything to it if I tried. Just go read the article and enjoy.

Steve has quietly become one of my favorite beat writers. I only say quietly because he doesn't write for the higher profile Globe and unfortunately the other writers irksome quirks garner more attention. I like Peter May, but he holds grudges a little too long for my taste. Shira Springer does a great job on fluff pieces, but I rarely have the time and patience to read them. Just my personal preference.

Mark Murphy, another one of my favorites (also at the Herald), breaks down the younger players and points to Leo Papile as one the main architects of the last few drafts.

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