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Random Thoughts

I'm still on vacation so this will be short.

- C's rise again in the ESPN Power Rankings

- Chad Ford is waffling on the Walker rumors, but offers no new information

- C's are now 0 for 14 against Tim Duncan and the 2005 World Champs

- The next week could be all over the map for us. Dallas, Memphis, Washington, Detroit. We could beat any of them on a good night. We could lose to all of them in a bad week.

- It seems that the rumors of the Eastern resurrection has been greatly exaggerated. It is still somewhat early, but it sure seems like Miami and everyone else so far. When Chicago is in the playoff race, there are problems with the conference.

- I missed this with the holidays and everything, but this is the best news I have heard in a while on Payton, who is keeping his options open for staying here. (thank you again Steve Bulpett)

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