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Not much new to report. But thought I'd write anyway. Chad Ford is up to his old tricks, dreaming up impossible or illogical trade ideas. Hey, I guess I can give him credit for going out there and trying, but then again, he's paid to.

Some nice words by Baron Davis (quote by Buckley, lifted from

In fact, you may have noticed the Hornets' Baron Davis looking over at Doc Rivers in the fourth quarter and using some impromptu sign language to endorse the play of the extraordinarily fun-to-watch Allen.

"Did the TV cameras pick that up? I'm not sure, but I hope so,'' Rivers said. "He turns to the bench and points at Tony Allen, and yells, `He has this,' while pointing at his heart. And that's awesome when you hear things like that, especially from someone like Baron Davis."

Also, sorry about the poll. That is one of the more lopsided polls I've come up with. Looks like a big L. I'll try to dream up something new soon. Suggestions are always welcome but don't cry if I don't pick yours.

Update: I missed it a few days ago, but here is a story on Al Jefferson in the Clarion Ledger.

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