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Shout Out From Sean Grande To You Readers

Just got this very nice note from Sean Grande, voice of the Celtics.


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much we enjoy the site.

We've gotten a bunch of e-mails lately from your membership listening to us either through your site, or on one of our affiliates.

You guys are the heart and soul of the franchise, for whom all of us (coaches, players, broadcasters, etc.) are trying to perform our best every night.

Max also would have shot you an e-mail if he, you know, owned a computer or knew how to type.

Keep up the great stuff,


To everyone that gave the blog a shout-out, thanks. Sounds like your voice was heard. To everyone that reads this site, thank you too. As Sean said, you are the heart and soul. Keep the faith.

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