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Trade Blount

I'm not the first to think of this, but I thought I'd throw this out there for discussion.

Trade Mark Blount to the Sixers for Samuel Dalembert (and filler).

Why does this work?

We've heard all about how Mark is difficult to trade due to his BYC status and the trade kicker. Difficult, but not impossible. Please check my work and make sure I'm getting this right, but according to Larry Coon, you have to trade a BYC player for half of their salary. Mark makes $4.9M this season. Half of that is $2.45M. Dalembert makes about $1.6M this season. Throw in John Salmons who makes just over $.9M and the numbers seem close enough to work.

Why would we do it?

I've been a pretty loud apologist for Blount so far, and I'm not backing off that. I think he's a solid but limited big man who can play D and is finding a nitch on offense. I thought he could rebound more, but he's really disappointed in that area this year. He may be best suited for Jim O'Brien's system that made him shine over the last few years. Dalembert is a shot blocking, athletic, talented big man. Those don't come around very often. Besides, if you are going to give up a big man, its best to get another one in return.

Why would they do it?

Dalembert was in Jim O'Brien's doghouse earlier this year. He's starting and producing now, but that may not be enough for either Jim or Samuel. His shot blocking is great, but Jim O'Brien doesn't like the way he hangs in the paint rather than trapping out to mid court (ahh memories). The Sixers made signing Blount a priority this summer, and I'm sure they'd jump at a chance to get him via trade. If O'Brien and Dalembert are still at odds on some level, what chance do they have re-signing him this offseason? Maybe they would make a move to get something for him now.

Will it happen?

Who knows? This is NOT a rumor. I'm speculating 100% (please don't call me Chad Ford). I'm just making a case for why it could work.

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