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Building To A Crescendo

First of all, 99% of the trade rumors you hear are bogus. Secondly, trade ideas (by Ford, Simmons, and yes, even by me - especially by me) are even worse, because they are typically born of a wandering mind killing time on the trade checker. They can't possibly consider all the intricacies of each team's situation (team owner really needs to make a splash, coach's wife doesn't like a player, etc.). So basically, don't believe anything that you read (unless of course you read it here - then consider it .00001% true)

With all that said, I completely agree with one thing Simmons mentioned. Danny will make a trade this deadline. Everything has been building to this since the day he stepped into power. We now have the kind of package of players, picks, and salaries that could go in any direction. Contenders looking for a missing piece (Payton, Ricky, Raef???) or pretenders looking to dump salary (Yogi, Googs) and pick up talent (Marcus) will both come knocking at our door. Danny can sit back and pick his favorite deal or deals.

Why has Danny been so quiet this year? In part, because he trusts his coach to develop our young talent. But also in part because he needs to be working with his scouting team full time. Not just college & H.S. kids, but other team's players too. Who knows who has struck his fancy? Last year at this time, we were hearing about his interest in SAR and Barry. On the other hand, the Ricky deal came out of nowhere. All we knew at that point was he wanted to dump Battie's knees on someone.

Once again, this year we know who he wouldn't mind moving (Yogi, Banks, Raef), but we don't necessarily know who he'd want in return. And that's part of the fun of it all.

I now return you to your normally scheduled trade ideas and rumor banter.

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