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Pierce Pouts - Captain rocks boat

Sounds like Paul and Doc need to sit down and talk. This does not bode well.

Update: Allow me to be the first to admit that I COULD be wrong about Pierce. Maybe Simmons and others are right and I've been faithfully following the dream of a guy I hoped he was. However, until last year, I had no indication of any reason to believe that Paul was anything but a stand-up guy and a potential perennial All-Star. Last year Ainge blew up the team, so I gave him some rope. I'd be a little depressed about that myself if I were in his shoes. Doc brought in a completely new system that he had to learn (and unlearn the old system), so I have given him even more rope. To his credit, he seems to have adjusted pretty well at this point. Although, apparently not enough for Doc.

I can see his attitude creeping through though. I was one of the many who ripped him for spitting on the Cavs in the preseason. When he was benched the first time, we all saw his true feelings come out as he lashed back at the coach. He said all the right things after the fact, so he got more rope. Now he's barely biting his tounge about his frustration and referring to himself as an All Star. What is next, referring to himself in 3rd person? Not a good sign.

On the other hand, this is not contrary at all to the position I have kept all along. Pierce is available at a price, but there's no reason to shop him around the league settling for pennies on the dollar. I'm simply growing tired of making up excuses for his attitude. I'm just starting to run out of rope to give this guy.

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