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How Crazy is Crazy?

I went back and re-read the article Simmons wrote where he proposed several trades. At first, I somewhat dismissed most of the deals off-hand due to an attachment to the idea that we are only a few pieces away from contending. Most of his proposals were of the one-step-back variety. A few losses later and the impatient Boston fan in me is willing to listen to anything. But maybe he's not as crazy as you guys made him out to be. (notice how I deflect any fault from me)

First of all, lets take note that he didn't say we have to fire-sale this puppy or all will be lost. He provided several senarios, including trading expiring contracts for immediate help. I don't need to defend his ideas, he did that himself. However, with the deadline a little over a month away, and with the chatter increasing, I thought it'd be a good idea to flush out some of his ideas on the message board. Including the following:

The Minnesotta Ideas

The Walker Idea

The blow-the-whole-thing-up Portland Idea

Feel free to share your thoughts on the boards or here. Hey, at least it gives us something to talk about other than losing or Paul's inner child.

Update: Don't look now, but there is a head scratching rumor circulating from a Twolves message board about a Spree for Davis and Payton trade. Don't see how that helps us unless more pieces are involved.

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