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You get a Tommy Point!

Ok fine, so you only get one of our lowly Celticsblog points. However, this is a pretty good article written by Shira Springer about a different Celtics subject: TommyHeinsohn. (I think Shira's found her niche, not reporting directly about basketball, but rather more a human interest story)


Mike Gorman on Tommy:

"Tommy doesn't really do color," says Celtics play-by-play man Gorman. "In his heart, he's still coaching the Celtics, and he always will be. It doesn't matter who the coach is, and it's no disrespect to the coach. This always will be Tommy's team. Tommy will be coaching this team till he takes his final breath. If it was possible to still be playing for this team, he would be."

The secret of the "Redhead in Needham" comments (If you don't already know):

"With Helen too sick to join him for games at the FleetCenter in the months after her initial diagnosis, Heinsohn devised a special on-air tribute. "The redhead in Needham sure would have hated that shot," he said, and at first, only people close to the couple knew whom Heinsohn had in mind. "The redhead in Needham would have gotten all over the referee for that one." The tradition continues for road games. Watching from home, Helen enjoys the private acknowledgment. It is like that heartfelt tribute hanging nearby in the hallway."

There's alot more here that I encourage people to read about. From how the Heinsohns deal with Helen's illness', to lesser known background on Tommy and his broadcasting. It's some stuff you don't normally get to read about, unless someone's just released a book.

Personally, I hope that if we live our days to the ages that Tommy and Helen have, that my wife and I continue to exemplify what it means to love and belong to each other the way Tommy and "The Redhead" still do. What a relationship.

Ok, enough of the sappiness. Enjoy the read!

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