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Generally Speaking.....

We're light on news this morning (thus far), so let's get some reader feedback. Please ponder and respond to the following thought: "If I could be a cartoon version of a Celtic player, who would I be? What would my cartoon facsimile look like? Will I endow my cartoon character with a special power?

Begin day dream sequence: For me, it would be a gecko of Ricky Davis. Fast, shifty, and athletic with long limbs and those big pads on the end of long fingers, perfect for palming a ball. He would, of course, be sporting the SuperFro 22 hours a day, 7 days a week (22? Simple: because this gecko's so 70's funk, Pimp-Daddy cool, even his hair gets 2 hours a day off to relax) . He always throws down these insane, acrobatic dunks. When he lands, he's always got a pose and his best one is when he looks like he surprised even himself with what he just did. ... End day dream sequence.

Ok, now that you can all attest that I'm certifiably insane.....let's move onto what we do have - Point Guard related news, courtesy of the Globe and Herald (Don't say we don't thank the big boys).....

Delonte News:


"It was as if Delonte West had been tied down for the last two months.

The Celtics rookie, cleared to practice last Thursday, ran through a full session that day and started doing pull-ups the following morning.

Though he had been advised not to lift weights, no one had said anything about chin-ups.

``Hopefully he's doing one-handed pull-ups,'' said Doc Rivers, his concern only slightly masked.

The Celtics coach does follow the credo that if a player is cleared to play, he's not about to pose any extra questions to the team's medical staff. For a young player as raring to go as West obviously is, Rivers is the perfect coach.

West, now wearing a protective leather glove on his mending non-shooting right hand, can taste gametime, it's so close.

``I have a couple of days to get back into the flow, and then we'll see what happens,'' West said. "

PG Speculation?


"Indeed, the Jazz handed out several big contracts over the summer, from Carlos Boozer and Mehmet Okur to Carlos Arroyo and Gordan Giricek. Even Jarron Collins cashed in.

"There is a little bit of complacency," O'Connor conceded. "And Jerry has this saying: You may have a guaranteed contract, but that doesn't mean you have guaranteed playing time."

Arroyo was presumed to be the point guard of the future, signing a four-year, $16 million deal and playing well in Athens for Puerto Rico. Sloan has benched him, and the calls are starting to come in. (Don't be surprised if Danny Ainge makes an inquiry. He's an Arroyo fan.) "

Interesting insight/news on West. Seems like Arroyo's slump in play has caused the makings of trade speculation. I know I wouldn't want to be in Jerry Sloan's doghouse. I'm guessing those are arguements you aren't likely to win.


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