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Saturday Morning Thoughts

Random thoughts while (sort of) watching the game on TiVo.

In all the negativity surrounding Blount and even Pierce, some are missing the development that I've been itching for since last year: The slow emergence of Kendrick Perkins. Of course Kedrick Brown did this to me annually around this time. Showing brief flashes and even playing big minutes when needed, but eventually his lack of bball smarts caught up with him. Perk gets more rope since he's still so young and you can't teach his size. If Blount never regains his contract year form, we're going to really need this kid to develop.

Marcus must be sitting on ice this morning, cause Best was lighting his butt on fire last night. Speaking of which, the old Banks to LA for Walton rumor is churning again, and this time it involves Sasha as well. The only catch is that it may not be a rumor after all. See details on the message board here.

Danny Ainge rolled his eyes at the Walker rumors because of the name Al Jefferson was mentioned. One has to believe that the Hawks never brought him up because that would be the quickest way to make Danny hang up on you. However, those that think that "Danny would never trade for Walker" are forgetting something. Ainge is all about buying low and selling high. Maybe I've mentioned this before, but its worth saying again. Nobody (including me) thought he'd go after Davis, and that worked out well. Few thought he'd take a chance on Raef's knee, and so far so good on that one. I wouldn't rule out Walker, Baron Davis, SAR, or even CWebb (yes that's a reach, but I'm trying to make a point). You simply can never say never with Danny.

Call me crazy, but I'd love to get Darko from the Pistons.

C's D is still repeatedly giving up over 100 to opponents. This does not make me happy. Look at the Bulls who didn't start winning till they started showing some discipline on D. If we don't make a trade for a big name star, then my next choice would be a defensive difference maker.

I understand Vince getting dunks on us. I don't understand Moiso getting them. If I were Doc, I'd make everyone run sprints for every point he scored. Pathetic.

Boston is 13-6 at home, 5-15 on the road. I'm happy that they play well at home. That is a good first step. When we start to beat the teams we should beat on the road (Nets are a good example), then we'll have taken the next step. Then we can start thinking about stealing some from teams we shouldn't be beating. It all adds up to us being a few steps away. Again.

But on the plus side, Delonte West is back and ready to go! Nice 5 minutes Delonte. Lets keep that going and build upon it.

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