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More Questions Than Answers

The last two losses bring up more questions than I have answers for. So feel free to discuss if you think you are smarter than me.

1. What is going on with Doc's rotations?

Are 12 players really deserving of minutes in the first half? What did Jiri do that sent him to the end of the bench? Tony Allen was the starter and high scorer, but was on the bench for much of the 4th quarter? Why is McCarty still playing at all?

The only reasons I can come up with for some of these issues are these.

a. Doc and Danny may be showcasing some players for a trade (McCarty)

b. The season has already been punted and we are working in the youngsters as much as possible without upsetting the vets too much or making it look obvious. (I sure hope not)

c. Doc may never have a set rotation - which is fine for me, I just wish I knew what basis he is using for determining playing time. It can't be defense, our starters can't stop anyone. It's obviously not rebounding. I guess I just don't get it. But then again, I'm not a coach, so what do I know?

2. Why can't we win on the road?

What is so different about the road? The corts are the same dimensions right? The hoop is still 10 feet off the ground right? As Red would say, the ball is round, and when you dribble it, it still bounces back up to you. What is the big deal? So you are staying in a hotel and 17 loyal Nets and Hawks fans are yelling at you. Big deal. If we have to, get all the mothers of all the players under 25 on the road with them to cook them soup and read them bedtime stories. I don't care. Just win the games on the road.

3. Where is the killer instinct?

Paul used to go for the jugular in the 4th quarter. He was known for it around the league. Granted, he had Walker to take some of the high pressure shots for him, but isn't that what Davis is for? He's not exactly shy. Same with Payton. These guys should be wrecking people in the fourth. Instead they lay down and put a Welcome mat on their chest. Pathetic.

You know, the difference probably isn't on the offensive side. We probably make more baskets down the stretch than we ever did in the O'Brien's tenure. The difference is we used to play defense and make tough stops at the end of games. Maybe not enough to be Championship contenders, I'm not pining for the 3-ball days. I'm just saying I miss seeing the other team frustrated on offense down the stretch.

Like I said, I don't have the answers to these questions. If I did, I'd be much wealthier. But the guys that are getting paid for this don't seem to have the answers either. And as a fan, that is frustrating.

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