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McCarty Working The Phones - Piecing together a McCarty deal?:

"Toward that end, a league source indicated yesterday that the Celtics and Phoenix Suns have talked regarding a deal for Walter McCarty. After the game, McCarty confirmed that such talk was, indeed, under way and that he had been the instigator.

'I initiated it,' he said. 'I hear it's close. We'll see.'

Asked if he would like Phoenix, McCarty said, 'Sounds good to me.' This was after he recorded a DNP-CD.

Ainge would not comment on a possible deal, which would have the Celtics sending McCarty to the Suns for a second-round pick. The Suns have a trade exception that would absorb McCarty's contract, which is around $1.34 million. He also has a year after this (his option) for around $1.475 million.

The trade would help the Suns, who need to beef up their bench, while it would give the Celtics one less body and save them more than $2 million."

a. this one sounds like a done deal

b. why does this remind me of a football deal, where a player is allowed to work out their own trade?

c. I guess it opens a roster spot for our own most recent 2nd rounder (Reed)

d. This would give us 3 second rounders in next year's draft. Potential to package them and move into the first round? I don't really see how 3 2nd rounders could help us any other way, unless you go on an absolute Eruo spending spree and store them all overseas.

In other news, Bulpett reports the same McCarty deal, but goes on to hint at a Payton deal, and mentions that a 1st rounder might get it done. Gee, that's what I said last night. Steve, are you reading our message boards?!

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