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Are You Not Entertained?

What's that you say? You've got some juicy info on a trade rumor? You've got the 411 on a scoop that will blow everyone's doors off? You're friend's, brother's, pet psychiatrist worked with Danny's dog and knows the next deal? Lay it on me. I can't get enough. I'm like a desperate housewife digging for gossip on the neighbor's nefarious activities.

But I'm also wiped out with the head spinning activity by rumor-jocks these last few days, and the deadline is still a month away! We started out with McCarty pining to be part of one of the best teams in basketball (shocking! no way!) and now all of a sudden Danny is supposedly ready to go Hiroshima on the roster? We've gone from light speed, right past ridiculous speed, and on to ludicrous speed. And we are giggling all the way there.

Some of you may get the impression that I dislike Chad Ford, or think he's not very good at what he does. But that is not true. I think Chad does a very good job at what he does. The same can be said for Sam Smith, Peter Vescey, Steven A. Smith, or any host of other scribes that fancy themselves "insiders." They are all excellent at what they do. But what do they do?

The thing is, they are paid to sell papers and get eyeballs to web sites. They are paid to entertain and create a buzz. Ask yourself, why did you recognize all the names that I just mentioned? Because they accomplished their goal, to make a name for themselves as a source of information. It doesn't have to be good or even factual information. It just has to be interesting.

So I tip my hat to Chad and the others of his profession. You are making this a fun time for us. I certainly can't complain since this site is buzzing as well. Chances are, some deal will happen soon, and we can switch gears from rumor-mongering to trade evaluation and second guessing. But for now, I'll ask the question to all the critics of Chad and his cronies (or even me).

Are you not entertained???

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