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Call It A Comeback

We got it half right tonight. Apparently Doc didn't make any changes at halftime. He just told them to play better ball. I guess they were listening. All-Star Paul came up one assist shy for another trip-dub. Mark Blount even found the glass, hauling down 8 boards to go along with his 17 points. Someone must have tricked him into thinking he was back in a contract year. As for Delonte, stats don't tell the whole story. But Doc does:

"Someone who didn't watch this game is going to look at Delonte West and say, `Oh, wow, he played but he had 0 points in 11 minutes.' And I thought he had a dominating 11 minutes. I thought the ball pressure that he put on the point guard basically turned the game around because they couldn't get in their sets anymore."

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