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McHale's Navy

If you had asked me this offseason to predict what former player and current GM would take over the coaching position of his team ML Carr-Style, I would have gone pretty far down the list before coming up with Kevin's name. I would have guessed Isaiah first, then maybe Kiki, Larry, even Danny before he hired Doc.

You've gotta feel for Kevin who has done everything he could to bring a winner to Minnesotta. Perhaps to a fault. He obviously went too far with the whole Joe Smith situation, and that alone would have cost most people their job. But the man who drafted KG and found a way to sign him twice, he also gambled on two guys that most people didn't really want (Cassell and Spreewell). It worked for one season and Kevin looked brilliant. Now those guys gave up on him and threw him under the bus.

I think that if Kevin can't right this ship, his own job security might be in jeapordy. Taking on the coaching duties I think is risky because it will distract from his GM job at a critical time (trade deadline).

I'm rooting for the long-armed one, but I worry for him. Here's hoping that his good-for-nothing players can step it up and listen to a man who knows a thing or two about championship basketball.

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