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Banks vs. West

Looks like we are not far from a decision on who will be the backup point guard for the rest of the year. Considering that Marcus has a year and a half of experience on Delonte, and they are this even, this can't bode well for him. - Celts' guarded battle:

" ``We're platooning them right now, but I have to make a decision soon,'' Rivers said after yesterday's practice. ``They're both up and down, and they both have to play more. My first thought right now is that they both have two days (between games) to work. Right now I try to get a feel for where the game is at in how I use them, but pretty soon I'm going to have to decide on one and let him play.'' "

It seems that this is going to be increasingly important considering the fact that Gary and Danny are reportedly working on an extension that will keep him in town beyond this year. Mark Stein reported this on ESPN.

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