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Ok, you won't find a bigger rumormonger than me. I love this stuff and I (usually) can't get enough of it. But even I get saturated sometimes. I'm a little burnt out from it all at this point.

1. Several "rumors" that have popped up in the last month or two that might have had some legitimacy (Antoine, Spreewell, etc.) have been shot down. These particular rumors are probably better off shot, cremated, and scattered over the water. But they represented the hope that Danny was working on a home-run type trade that would put us over the top.

2. Several other "rumors" lacking credibility and usually any kind of sense have popped up around the internet like a bad whack-a-mole game. They disappear quickly and pop up in another form somewhere else. Its typically fun for me to find these rumors, question their validity, prove them bogus, and point and laugh as the rumor dies into obscurity. But even that isn't fun for me anymore.

3. Then there are the hundreds and hundreds of "ideas" that numb the mind and kill my enthusiasm. I'm not blaming anyone, since I give the old trade checker a whirl every now and then for fun. I just can't look at another "idea" and give any thoughtful insight to it. I just can't.

There are 8 days left of this and its only going to get worse as the GMs gather around the all star break and the deadline approaches. Chances are I'll get my second wind and get geeked about the next "legit" rumor I hear about. I'll probably jump on the trade checker and cross reference the salaries on hoopshype and weigh the pros and cons from the perspective of the other team. But for now, I'm just a little burnt out. Thanks for letting me rant.

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