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Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead

Tony Allen, Paul Pierce, and now Al Jefferson all will be making the trip to Denver to partake in the festivities. I'm especially happy for Al and Tony, if only for the experience. They get to get a taste for the hoopla while understanding that they aren't All-Stars yet. Hopefully they'll shake off the star-gazing quickly and realize that with a little hard work, they will belong there for years to come.

Another face I assume will be traveling to Denver is Danny Ainge. The GMs will congregate there and toss around ideas. I hear that Isaiah will be skipping the event to do college scouting, but no big loss there. To a man, every GM is feeding us the same scripted lines. "We don't have anything on the table but we'll listen to ideas." Right. If you can't think of a single pitch to bring to the table to improve your club, you don't deserve to be a GM. Some crazy ideas are going to be thrown around, but you can at least hope that a few will stick and work. Otherwise I'm not going to have much to talk about.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy watching Al grab rebounds and Tony throwing down dunks.

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