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Window? - Mile high smile: Pierce happy C's headed right way:

"Can the C's contend for higher glory in a few years?

``Well, that's the vision,'' he said. ``I mean, that is the vision. In three or four years, depending on what happens in the growth of the team, trades, guys stepping up . . . I think we're headed in that direction.

``Do I think I'm part of that vision?'' he said, repeating the question. ``Maybe not in three years.''

Asked to elaborate, Pierce, who will play in his fourth All-Star Game tomorrow, said, ``How many guys play on one team for 10 years these days? That's all part of the business. And I understand that. "

Paul isn't asking to be traded, and hopefully won't be anytime soon. But I do think that he's firing a warning shot over Danny's deck. I think he wants to see some veteran leaders brought in for a shot at a championship in the next few years rather than wait for all our young talent (and draft picks) to develop. Can't blame him really. I'd feel the same way. At least he's not sulking and dogging it like Vince.

Pierce is obviously going nowhere this year. But I'm sure we'll be going over this plenty in the offseason.

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