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Now we're gettin somewhere. It may have little to do with the Celtics, but at least we could see some movement somewhere in the league. I don't need other team's GMs to be smart, or responsible, or good, I just need them to be interesting. "Here we are, now entertain us." Here's what I'm reading about (and a few choice words because I'm a blowhard and can't not share my opinion).

Lakers moving on Carlos Boozer:

According to Eric Pincus and others, we are looking at a deal involving Boozer going to LA in exchange for Butler, George, and Divac.

I see why the Lakers do this. I don't know what Utah is doing. I know Chad mentioned that they want AK47 at the power forward spot, but what kind of message does this send to free agents? "Please sign here for more than you're worth and if we can we'll trade you at the first opportunity." Then again, considering it's Utah, maybe that's a selling point. (sorry Utes)

What does it mean to the Celtics? Well, there is that conditional draft pick. If they miss the playoffs, we roll it over for a year. If they get in, then we get it now. I still think that its better for us to get it this year because I don't think they are going to get much worse. Certainly aquiring a solid player like Carlos only furthers that theory. Hopefully they squeak in.

Kidd requests trade to Minnesotta

If you told me 2 years ago that we'd see the core of that Nets team gutted, I'd have looked at you like you had 4 heads. "yeah," I'd say "and the Celtics will be scoring over 100 points a night, get real." Now, I'm not sure why his agent would demand a trade publicly unless they knew that a deal was on the table the both sides were interested in. I think it could happen. I think the also know that it can't happen this offseason as the expiring contracts will be expired.

What does it mean to the Celtics? You mean other than the euphoria of seeing the final gasp of a rival team's death rattle? I guess it also means that if the Wolves want a Hall of Fame point guard, they aren't just limited to dealing with the Celtics for Payton.

Walker to join O'Brien in Philly?

Hoopsworld is talking about a package involving Samuel Dalembert AND Willie Green. Sounds like a steep price to me, but if any such deal goes down, you'll know that O'Brien has wrestled the remote control away from King. Quick, lets see if we can pawn Blount off on them! But seriously, this would give Walker his best shot at resigning for some good moola. So nobody will have to waste our time with ideas on how to sign Walker to the Celtics in the offseason. I'd love to see this deal if only so I can write about the new reality TV where "two volume shooters are put on the same team, and hillarity ensues."

Update: Odom for Peja and BJax (David Aldridge)

Why did ESPN get rid of DA again? Aldridge just broke into the All Star telecast to report that talks have been going on between the Lakers and Kings for this monster trade. Imagine if the Lake show is able to get both Peja and Boozer.

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