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Sam Smith = Vecsey West

Just because this is the most "buzz" I can find today about the Celtics. - Buzz loud as deal deadline nears:

"Boston. Still holding out for a No. 1 draft pick for Gary Payton, who'll leave after this season. The Celtics have a chance to win the Atlantic Division, but the future is where they have their eye. They're still trying for Seattle rookie big man Robert Swift, and word is they'll move Pierce, perhaps this summer. Pierce said he doubts he's part of management's vision."

Absolutely nothing in this is new, except maybe the Robert Swift thing. Either Danny really likes him, or someone (like his agent) is trying to boost his value by leaking this constant rumor that Danny really likes him.

I know many think that it was a smokescreen and that Danny used Swift to grab Al Jefferson. Still, don't discount the fact that Al might have fallen into our laps and its better to be lucky than good sometimes. If Danny still likes the kid, then the "vision" must still be focused on the distant future.

By the way, in case you are scoring at home, Swift for Jiri works salary-wise.

Update: For those still tracking the Boozer to LA story (that's Carlos, not Vin Baker), here is the latest from Eric.

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